Twitter launches its Clubhouse copycat in France

To compete with Clubhouse, Twitter is launching its own audio conferencing tool. Spaces is now landing in France for a handful of users, before being rolled out more globally in the coming weeks.

Faced with the resounding success of Clubhouse, Twitter has chosen to develop its own tools. The social network has thus imagined Spaces, a feature that allows audio conferences, directly from the Twitter interface. While the tool was in the test phase across the Atlantic, it finally arrives in our green countries. By means of a press release, the social network announces the deployment of Spaces in France. For now, only users followed by more than 600 people will enjoy it. A choice that the firm explains at greater length: “Based on what we’ve learned so far, these accounts are likely to provide a good experience in facilitating live conversations due to their existing audience. Before opening the possibility to everyone to create a space, we strive to find out more, to facilitate the discovery of spaces and to help people enjoy this experience with a great audience ”. Thus, if it is for the moment reserved for certain users, it is intended to be offered to all.

How does Spaces work?

On the Android or iOS app, when someone you follow launches or participates in a Spaces, it appears at the top of your timeline. This bubble will allow you to join the conference and react with emojis, view pinned tweets or share the conversation in DM. Each of the users can also request the floor to interact with the creator. It is all the same the latter who will animate the debate and who will manage the subjects and the atmosphere.

Safety as the watchword

Aware that this tool could also be misused, Twitter announces a host of new moderation parameters. Thus, the firm has integrated control modules that make it possible, for example, to mute the sound of a speaker if the latter violates Twitter rules. It will also be possible to withdraw it altogether from the discussion. Finally, as on the social network in general, users will be able to report behaviors that they deem inappropriate.

Twitter Space is therefore available as of today for all users with more than 600 subscribers. For the others, we will have to wait a little longer. The firm is also announcing the arrival of new features that will enrich the experience. In particular, it plans to develop a ticket system at the entrance conversations, to allow remunerate content creators. The firm is also working on the ability to schedule and set a reminder to ensure that users do not miss a conference. As usual, the firm should communicate the news via its dedicated account: @TwitterSpaces.

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