Good plan: the 100 GB (almost) free mobile plan ends tonight 🔥

RED by SFR stops its RED Deal tonight at midnight. This mobile plan allows you to receive a Grade A refurbished iPhone 8 … for free!

The operator RED by SFR has announced an XXL offer which already ends this Wednesday evening at midnight. Called RED Deal, this offer allows you to get a refurbished iPhone 8 if you take a mobile plan from him. In the end, by adding the benefits, this package will cost you almost nothing for the first 2 years.

To put it simply, RED by SFR offers you an unlimited 100 GB plan with a 24-month commitment. If you take this formula, the operator offers you a Grade A refurbished iPhone 8. The current value of this phone is 309 euros, which means that you can write off almost the entire price of your mobile subscription, whether you choose to resell the smartphone or not.

See the RED Deal offer

RED by SFR is well known for its range of non-binding mobile plans. This promotion is a little different, as you have to remain a customer for 24 months. However, you are a winner even with this specificity. It was several years that we had not seen such a generous deal on the market.

A mobile plan at a discounted price

RED by SFR may change its habits by offering a mobile plan with commitment, the formula remains very attractive in terms of price and features. The operator continues to offer its usual range of mobile subscriptions in parallel, but this RED Deal is easily placed as one of the most competitive of all. The first similar RED Deal unveiled last March was taken by storm, and this time is just as true.

In detail, the mobile plan which allows you to benefit from a free refurbished iPhone 8 costs 15 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 100 GB for France (including 13 GB in the EU and DOM). In classic time, this offer is 20 euros per month, so you save 5 euros per month from your subscription. This is the first strong point of the RED Deal, because the offer is among the best on the market without counting the free phone.

It’s simple, if you take this mobile plan, you get an iPhone 8 for free. The smartphone costs you 0 euros while its value is 309 euros. This model is still popular, it takes full advantage of Apple’s know-how. Moreover, the iPhone SE 2020 also takes its design and some of the technical characteristics.

You can choose to keep that refurbished iPhone 8, but you can just as easily choose to sell it (if you already have another phone). It is free in all cases (you save 309 euros). As the phone is unlocked, you can put it back on sale after receipt without any problem. RED by SFR is transparent in its offer: there is nothing else to do than take out the subscription to enjoy the smartphone as a bonus.

The only conditions for taking advantage of the free refurbished iPhone 8 are take the mobile plan with commitment 24 months old and take a new SIM card. The price of the latter is 1 euro, which means that it does not change much to the quality of this RED Deal. On the other hand, this offer is intended for all new customers of the operator, you can keep the same phone number during the transition to RED by SFR.

An iPhone 8 is free

The refurbished iPhone 8 featured in the RED Deal is Grade A. All refurbished products are rated for overall condition, Grade A is the highest possible rating. This means that it has few (or no) scratches on the screen or on the case. The battery is also almost at the level of a new smartphone.

If you are not a connoisseur of Apple smartphones, know that this iPhone 8 offered by RED by SFR has a 4.7-inch screen. On the front, there is the Touch ID button that allows you to return to the menu and unlock the phone to access its content. It is also entitled to a photo sensor on the front and back of the smartphone. It comes with iOS 14 operating system, which makes for a pleasant and smooth experience.

The 24-month commitment mobile plan is the only one in the range that allows you to take advantage of the free iPhone 8. There are offers without obligation, but the equivalent of the RED Deal formula is 14 euros per month… and you are not allowed to use a smartphone. For 1 euro more, you receive a free telephone: it is the best subscription of the range.

If, however, you necessarily want to benefit from a non-binding plan and you only use very little data, another option may suit you. It costs 5 euros per month for unlimited calls, SMS and MMS as well as 5 GB. RED by SFR also offers a compatible subscription with the 5G network, but it is more expensive (€ 24.99 per month for 130 GB).

To discover the RED Deal, it’s here:

See the RED Deal offer

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