Google Docs adds a new dynamic for team document editing

Google Docs

Google Docs is adding an interesting update that will facilitate the editing of documents between different collaborators.

If editing with your team becomes a headache, you’ll be happy to hear about the new Docs feature to see who and when made changes to the document.

New function for team editing from Google Docs

Google Docs has several options that allow you to track the changes that are made to a document when working as a team. For example, we can take a look at the history to see the different versions, and at the same time, ask questions or suggest changes through the comment system in the document.

And now a new option is added that will save us some steps and avoid some misunderstandings when many users work on the same document. As mentioned in the google team, you will be able to see information directly on the document about the changes that were made in a specific part of the text.

As shown in the image above, to see this edit history we only have to highlight the specific text and select from the context menu the option “Show editors”. In this way, we will be able to see all the data of the changes made, thanks to the timestamps and the list of editors. A simple way to see who and when made changes to the shared document

This will save us a lot of time, since we can consult directly with the editor who made the change, for any questions or doubts about the edition. And of course, from the drop-down menu there is also the option to go directly to the different versions of the document in the history.

At the moment, this new function of Google Docs It is only available to users with Google Workspace Business Standard or Plus, Enterprise Standard orPlus, and Education Plus.

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