New Saturn voucher booklet: up to 400 euros discount on televisions, cell phones and Co.


With the new Saturn voucher booklet you save real money. You can get discounts of up to 400 euros on televisions, cell phones and the like. We’ll show you the best offers at a glance.

We’re looking for bargains for you that we think you’ll like. The selection is subjective, but editorially independent. We have affiliate partnerships, which means that NETZWELT may receive a commission from the dealer for links on this page. More info.

The new book of vouchers from Saturn is there and packed to the brim with worthwhile special offers. We have taken a close look at the offers and carefully checked which are the current best prices. You can expect top deals Televisions, Headphones, Laptops and tablets and much more.

You have until May 18th to strike. Note, however, that particularly popular offers can be sold out beforehand.

The best offer

The Samsung GQ65Q90T is available at the absolute best price during the promotion. You secure the 65-inch television with a saving of 400 euros. A real bargain highlight.

Samsung GQ65Q90T |  QLED TV |  65 inches

to offer

Samsung GQ65Q90T | QLED TV | 65 inches

The 65-inch model from Samsung is available from Saturn for only 1,349 euros. The price is sensationally cheap. The regular TV at Saturn costs 1,599 euros. You will only find what you are looking for with the competition from 1,749 euros. So you secure yourself a saving of a proud 400 euros.

To the offer at Saturn ›

Of course, as promised, you can expect many more good offers. You can find all other top deals below.

That weren’t enough deals for you? No problem. Many more special offers from the voucher booklet await you at Saturn.

At Saturn to the action*

Current offers at Saturn

Of course, many more await you Saturn offersthat can save you a lot of money. We’ll show you the highlights below.

With the Saturn Card, Saturn’s free loyalty program, you get many other benefits when you buy, such as the financing or that Shipping your purchases. More information about Payment Methods as well as the Return of products can be found in the linked article.

Never miss an offer

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