Reopening of cinemas: masks and no popcorn for May 19

Roselyne Bachelot specified the conditions for the reopening of dark rooms. Confectionery stands will keep doors closed.

After nearly seven months of closure, the dark rooms will finally be able to reopen their doors. From May 19, French moviegoers will be back in the red armchairs to enjoy a well-deserved screening. But this return to normal is being prepared and the ministry has just defined the terms of this salutary reopening. The specialized media French Film details the discussions held yesterday in the National Assembly.

No popcorn for May 19

Health situation requires, the mask must be worn at all times. Unlike the measures taken in June 2020, there will be no tolerance for spectators who would like to eat. Confectionery stands must remain closed a little longer than expected since popcorn and other treats will be banned in theaters. Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot still wanted to clarify. “Of course, if there is, as in some cinemas, outdoor catering, it can continue. There is no reason that there should be double standards between the standards imposed on ‘usual’ restaurants and the standards that would arise in restaurants adjacent to a cultural event ”. As a reminder, restaurants and brasseries are prohibited from opening their rooms before June 9. We can therefore imagine that it is on this date that the consumption of confectionery will again be authorized.

Gauges until June 30

As last June, the return to dark rooms is accompanied by the setting in range of gauges. From May 19, the rooms will only be able to accommodate 35% of their capacity, then 65% on June 9. The restrictions will be completely lifted from June 30. It must be said that the summer will be busy and that the implementation of such restrictions could undermine the exploitation of the blockbusters of the summer season. Roselyne Bachelot clarified “I am aware that this is a gradual recovery under constraints, which will pose economic problems.” However, she insisted on recalling that these gauges are temporary and that when the situation allows, it will be possible to find packed rooms everywhere on the territory.

A traffic jam in the programming

As was undoubtedly necessary, this late reopening is also accompanied by a real headache for operators. It must be said that after a blank year for the 7th art, the releases are numerous. To give each film a chance to meet its audience, the CNC is working on a temporary calendar dedicated to film releases and which will make it possible to provide the best possible support for dark rooms. The Minister of Culture specifies that the task is difficult, while 150 French films and more than 250 foreign films are still to be programmed.

Anyway, they will undoubtedly be numerous to find the dark rooms as of May 19 next. On the other hand, Roselyne Bachelot did not comment on the measures relating to the curfew. As a reminder, from May 19, it will be postponed to 9 p.m. before being abandoned on June 30th. However, she did not specify whether a cinema ticket could serve as proof for spectators of late screenings.

To find the films that will be offered upon reopening, This is where it happens.

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