YouTube Shorts will reach all creators in the United States along with a series of novelties

Interesting news is coming to YouTube Shorts, the new YouTube feature with which it will try to compete directly against the successful short video platform TikTok, owned by ByteDance.

As reported by the last issue to date of the video newsletter of YouTube Creator Insider, YouTube Shorts has begun its expansion throughout the United States to try to reach all creators sometime next week..

Trying to compete against TikTok and its enormous popularity

YouTube Shorts It arrived in beta last March in the United States after its successful test carried out in India. The step now is interesting because it shows that it is moving forward to become one of the rivals to TikTok, leaving less and less so that it can make the leap to creators of international markets.

But to compete against TikTok it will also need to match in capabilities and features. In this regard, the new maximum video duration limit will be 60 seconds instead of the 15 seconds allowed so far. TikTok has long been allowing users to choose between 15 seconds and 60 seconds.

Also, as already we advanced yesterday with Instagram, YouTube Shorts will also support subtitling of videos, an accessibility feature that will also soon come to Instagram’s Reel.

In the case of YouTube Shorts, creators can choose to have the subtitles generated automatically, or they can incorporate them manually in their editing phase.

Obviously, one of the most creative tools in creating short videos is visual effects, So from now on, YouTube Shorts will also have new filters and effects that creators can use during or after their recordings., as they wish.

Also there will be changes to the interface of the YouTube application for Android and iOS. To find accommodation for YouTube Shorts, facilitating its access in the interface, now it will have its own tab at the bottom, causing the Explore tab to move to the top left.

This change may perhaps bother more than one user, although it will all be a matter of getting used to. Perhaps this is a sign that YouTube Shorts has come to stay and be part of the content offer that YouTube offers on its service.

Despite all these changes, TikTok continues to have a huge advantage given its specialization in this segment, so its new rivals will have to press the accelerator to try to match, and even exceed, in performance.

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