YouTube to produce two original series with Will Smith and Alicia Keys

The platform has announced a slew of new original shows, including a reality series starring Will Smith. She will follow the actor in his fitness with experts.

If YouTube has abandoned fictions, the platform still continues to expand its catalog with original productions. She has just announced new shows with several stars in the cast. The Google subsidiary once again calls on Will Smith, for a show centered around sport. Baptized Shape of My Life, the series will follow the actor’s journey to regain better physical shape. The goal of this six-part series is obviously to promote physical activity and a healthier lifestyle. In this adventure, The Prince of Bel-air will meet athletes and scientists. During his conference, YouTube described the program as “The fun, funny, inspiring, wildly adventurous and deeply entertaining story of Will Smith challenging himself to improve every aspect of his fitness”. For now, the platform has not indicated an official release date, but it will obviously be for next year.

Another series that is talking about her, the one dedicated to the singer Alicia Keys. In four episodes, this documentary will take us behind the scenes of the creation of his new album. This new production will be broadcast from this summer on YouTube.

Otherwise, we will find a third season of the series Liza on Demand. The series appears to be the only fiction to have survived YouTube’s strategy of focusing its catalog on reality shows. Finally, YouTube is planning a new production called Barbershop Medicine that will explore American racial and economic issues. It’s one of the shows planned as part of the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund campaign announced last year.

25% growth at the start of 2021

During its presentation, YouTube announced a growth of 25% for this first quarter, compared to the previous year. It must be said that the pandemic gives us more time to stroll on the platform. But the mode of consumption seems to have changed a little, since more of them are now watching the application directly on their TV. Thus, YouTube has launched a new tool that allows you to send the link of an advertisement to your smartphone. The goal is obviously to offer its advertisers new tools to reach their customers. The arrival of its new productions also offers it a new strike force with advertisers. As noted The Verge, this new content was announced in the middle of the presentation for the advertisers, it is probably not a coincidence.

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