Amazon Alexa – Alexa has it all for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Amazon Alexa repeatedly receives updates in the background for new commands. Amazon is now informing you about a few skills that Alexa received for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. In addition to two new songs, Alexa can now switch to a mother and father mode or read poems out loud.

Alexa can sing songs for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Musical for Father’s Day: Upon request, Alexa will serenade you from the Amazon Music repertoire – also on Mother’s Day, of course. With the command “Alexa, sing a mother’s day song“Alexa trills. The song for Father’s Day is more like “well…” – you can actually relate it to all occasions.

Alexa tells poems for Father’s Day and Mother’s Day

Surprise your parents with a poem on their special day? Alexa helps and has a few suggestions up her sleeve – Here the children could recite a poem synchronously with Alexa if they learned it beforehand. With the command: “Alexa, give me a Mother’s Day poem” Alexa gets started. Also works for a Father’s Day poem.

“Alexa, activate mother mode”

There are sentences or empty phrases that sound very familiar to us. For the simple reason that all parents say these sentences at some point. With the command “activate mother mode” (or alternatively Father mode) Alexa repeats sentences that we have all heard before.

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