Amazon Alexa – How to set a music timer

Amazon Alexa now also supports music timers. Previously, you always had to give two commands one after the other to start the washing music and then stop playback automatically in 30 minutes. With the new voice command you can now start playback and let it end automatically after a certain time.

Amazon Alexa – stop playback automatically with music timer

Whether for falling asleep or as a timer for a certain activity. With the new addition of the playing time, you can now start and stop your favorite music automatically with a single voice command. A timer usually runs down to zero and then announces the end with an alarm signal. Here now the more harmonious variant, when the end of the timer has been reached, the music stops automatically.

With the command “Alexa, play rock for 10 minutes”Or“ Alexa, play good mood pop for 30 minutes ”you start your personal music timer. This works for radio stations of a certain genre and also for the playlist of a certain artist. If you only want a certain song or a certain playlist, it will be played until the specified time has been reached or until the song / playlist ends.

The Alexa music timer is also particularly suitable for playing music to fall asleep, and that is always a topic on social networks. So this question should soon be superfluous from newbies.

Amazon Alexa – cross-device commands to create, change or delete a timer

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