HomePod Mini: Small Apple Smart Speaker at Saturn and Media Markt reduced


You will rarely find the HomePod Mini at a reduced price. Now it’s that time again. The small smart speaker is currently on offer at Media Markt and Saturn.

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Apple’s HomePod Mini is rarely available. At the moment you can save when buying the small smart speaker, because with Saturn and Media Markt it is currently available at a reduced price. The price reduction is not huge, but if you are looking for a HomePod Mini, the deal is still worth it.

Apple Homepod Mini

to offer

Apple Homepod Mini

  • 360-City-Audio

  • Smart home control by voice

  • AirPlay 2

At Media Markt and Saturn the Home Pod Mini is currently available for only 89.99 euros. Compared to the recommended retail price, your savings are only just under 10 euros, but the deal is still good. Apple’s small smart speakers are rarely available at a reduced price. You will only find what you are looking for at other retailers from 94.99 euros.

To the offer at MediaMarkt ›

We have the HomePod Mini tested and loved it. It is easy to set up and the sound is full and powerful despite the relatively compact design. You can also use the practical intercom function to communicate with multiple HomePods in your home. In addition, the small smart speaker is your entry point into the smart home.

Everything Apple does right with the HomePod Mini also has negative points. So Siri remains functionally behind other voice assistants. In addition, the cable is firmly connected to the speaker and the display offers little added value. But all in all, with the HomePod Mini you get a good overall package at a low price.

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