Signal provokes Facebook in Instagram ad and gets censored

Signal doesn’t really like the Facebook model and wants to let it be known … but it obviously won’t be in Instagram ads.

The signal does not pass through Facebook. As the encrypted communication messaging app reveals, alternative to WhatsApp, one of his advertising campaigns on Instagram did not go to Facebook, his parent company. In this ad, Signal attacked the way Facebook works, and the amount of personal data that is collected and then sold by the firm.

“Being transparent about how ads use people’s data is apparently enough to get banned: in the world of Facebook, the only acceptable use is to hide what you’re doing from your audience.” Signal explains on his Twitter account.

Obviously, criticizing Facebook via an advertisement denouncing its business model is quite a provocation, and it is hardly surprising that this advertisement was not accepted. Signal nevertheless specifies that Facebook also ended up deactivating its advertising account on its social networks.

Facebook denies

For its part, Facebook denies the case. “This is a coup from Signal, who never even tried to run these ads – and we didn’t close their ad account for trying to do so.” thus explained a spokesperson for the firm founded by Mark Zuckerberg to The Information.

It remains to be seen what turn will take the rest of the story. Signal indeed represents a certain danger for Facebook, and in particular the famous encrypted messaging application it owns, WhatsApp. In addition, upon the announcement of the new terms of use for the latter, Signal became the preferred alternative of users, registering a very clear increase since the beginning of the year.

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