Stranger Things explores Eleven’s past in new teaser

While we were no longer expecting it, Netflix has just unveiled a teaser for the next season of Stranger Things. We explore Eleven’s dark past once again.

More than a year after the first teaser, Netflix is ​​coming back. The platform has just unveiled a new unseen video from season 4 of Stranger Things. Only a minute, the sequence plunges us in Eleven’s past, when she was locked up in Hawkins National Laboratory. We find in particular Doctor Martin Banner, played by Matthew Modine. If the video is rather stingy in detail, it nevertheless confirms that the past of the character played by Millie Bobby Brown will again be at the heart of the plot. It must be said that there are still many things to discover on this component, the third season having chosen to explore new narrative arcs. Eleven could again cross paths with children with extraordinary powers, as was already the case in the second round of episodes.

As a reminder, season 3 ended with the departure of Will and his family. Joyce, Nancy, and Will Byers left Hawkins with Eleven, leaving their friends behind. While Jim Hooper seemed dead, the post-credits scene gave us hope for the character’s return in the next season. The first teaser had confirmed it to us in February 2020.

No release date yet

This new season is long overdue and for good reason. The pandemic will have largely delayed the production of the series. However, started in January 2020, filming has not resumed than last October. If the season is now in the box, Netflix has not yet deigned to give us more information on its release date.

In the meantime, Netflix should unveil new images to us in the coming weeks. The description of the video on YouTube gives a clue as to how many teasers await us. It says “002/004”, where the one centered on the character of Jim Hooper said “001/004”. We will therefore be entitled to two more sequences.

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