The Google Assistant brings news to enjoy with the family

The Google Assistant will now be even more functional for the family with the arrival of new features. In this sense, Google has pointed out that, on the occasion of Mother’s Day (in the United States), the popular Broadcasts function will allow you to send messages to members of the same family (from any device) wherever they are.

In this aspect, now messages can be created from speakers and smart screens so that they can reach the mobile devices of members of the same family. They will also have the ability to reply to messages received., either via voice or via text.

The Google Assistant will become a complete family intercom

Until now, messages were only allowed to be sent from mobile devices so that they could be heard and responded to from speakers and smart screens., for example, to warn the family that they are going to be late for dinner, coming to play through speakers and smart screens at home.

In practice, it is about expanding the possibilities offered by this function to be a true intercom.

At this point it must be remembered that users must create their family groups previously, linking both the smart speakers and screens that are available in the home, as well as the mobile devices of all members of the family.

On the other hand, family reminders function Family Bell it will now be able to work on several devices instead of one, and it will soon allow to stop the active bells simply with «Stop», starting in English and without the need for the «He Google» activation.

Over the next few weeks it will support eight new languages, including Spanish.

And to round off a special day with the family, the Google Assistant will bring new children’s stories and fun games, accessible both from smart screens and through devices Android.

Google wanted to put the guide to all the new functions adding an Easter egg to the timer for Mother’s Day, as well as launching nursery rhymes to encourage the little ones to carry out a series of activities.

For this, Google relied on the success of its song to encourage children to wash their hands.

At the moment we do not know which of these developments will remain solely, for the time being, within the scope of the United States and which could reach the international level.

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