The SanDisk Extreme 256 GB microSD has never been cheaper on Amazon

The Sandisk Extreme 256GB MicroSD card has never been cheaper on Amazon. Now is the time to expand the storage of your devices.

New price drop for Sandisk 256 GB MicroSD card on Amazon. Thanks to a further price reduction, the SD card has never been so cheap the trader: it is now displayed at only 37.14 euros. There has never been a better price to afford it. This card will be compatible with all your devices supporting the MicroSD format, and it also comes with an SD adapter which will allow you to transfer your data more easily if you have a card reader.

Find the Sandisk 256 GB SD card on Amazon

What is the performance of this SD card?

SD card performance is defined by multiple standards and certifications which are not always easy to decode. So let’s try to make it clearer. This model has these certifications: U3, A2 and V30. In French, U3 corresponds to the minimum writing speed class. It is 30 MB / s here, note that this is a minimum speed and that the card is therefore able to exceed it at times. It is generally considered that the U3 label is sufficient to capture videos in 4K. This is precisely why we also find the V30 label, which indicates that the card is designed for 4K video. Yes, U3 and V30 corresponding to the same. When we told you that standards and certifications were complex.

The other important certification is A2. It concerns application performance. This is especially important if you plan to use your MicroSD card in a smartphone or the Nintendo Switch. This label guarantees 4000 inputs / outputs per second (IOPS) in random read and 2000 in random write as well as a speed of 10 MB / s in sustained write. This means that you will be able to quickly access the data present on the card. It is therefore the assurance of having applications that launch quickly when they are installed on the SD card.

Switch users will also be happy to learn that A2 is perfectly suited for this purpose. This means that the games you have downloaded from the eShop will be able to launch at normal speed and that the loads will not take much longer than if the games were installed on the console. Clearly, it will work very well with all your devices: on smartphones, both for storing applications and videos in 4K. On a Switch to store your games without any problem. It is ideal for general public use.

Finally, in terms of speeds, the Sandisk Extreme 256 GB MicroSD is capable of reaching 160 MB / s in writing and 90 MB / s in writing. This will be more than enough for all uses. Remember that like all SD cards and similarly like flash memory in general, they are particularly resistant to bad weather and shocks. The advantage of having no moving parts is an undeniable gain in strength.

Find the Sandisk 256 GB SD card on Amazon

Other capacities on sale

256 GB of storage is in our opinion today a capacity that will suit the vast majority of uses and users, but Amazon also offers discounts on other capacities and models of Sandisk Micro SD card. However, they are less interesting than the one on this 256 GB model which has never been so low on the platform. If you have more specific needs, for example if 256 GB is too much for you, the 64 GB model is only 12 euros. That’s almost given for 64 GB of storage.

Conversely, image professionals can turn to “Extreme Pro” models, but reductions are not legion. Only the 512GB model is well priced right now, the other versions being rather in the high average of the tariffs usually observed. Either way, you will undoubtedly find something to suit you.

Find Sandisk SD cards on Amazon

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