Tinder Vibes, a new way to show your “matches” your true “vibe”

By “vibe” is understood that sensation, that chill that sometimes gives us goose bumps, when we discover something about someone who connects with us.

It can be a strange taste in something, a crazy hobby, or a specific way of living a moment, something that awakens that chemistry that science has not yet managed to explain, an “I don’t know, it’s something there.”

Vibes are not usually things that are put in a CV, not even in a profile of a social network, but Tinder believes that if it is an important variable for its platform, and it makes a lot of sense.

Tinder now presents Vibes (“Vibras” in Spain), an event within the application that allows you to express opinions on various topics, from wearing socks in bed to commenting on current affairs in pop culture.

It is a new function based on events. Users will be notified when a Vibe starts near them, and various questions will start popping up to help cross-liking and «show your potential matches your true vibe«.

These vibes will show up in profiles for 72 hours. They will be able to see each other’s vibes within the chat window, and that adds context to a possible conversation.

Events only last 48 hours, and vibes change quickly, but as we respond to them, we will build a useful profile to find the right partner.

Vibes will go live globally at the end of May, so stay tuned.

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