3D printing with scraps of wood

Objects of all kinds can be printed in 3D, and the materials used can be very diverse, from plastic to cement, through organic fabric, but with wood the subject is more delicate.

The point is that printing with wood would be a good idea to obtain unique objects, but killing trees to create pretty vases is not a good idea.

Now there is a new printer called Forust you have found the solution. It is capable of using scraps of wood, scraps, to 3D print wooden objects that are structurally as solid as normal carved wood.

It is the result of the work of Andrew Jeffery and a team of researchers from the company Desktop Metal. The printer uses fine sawdust that turns into solid objects.

Creating wood products in a sustainable way is not easy, but with the printer they have managed to make the process very similar to that of an inkjet printer. The system sprays a binding agent on a layer of sawdust, so that the powder is transformed into a material that can be used to print layer by layer as in a normal 3D printer. When the object has been printed, it can be sanded and finished like normal wood. The technology uses cellulose powder and lignin, by-products of the wood and paper industries, respectively.

Desktop Metal became famous with its metal printing system, which had raised $ 430 million as of 2020, becoming one of the fastest American companies to achieve unicorn status in the process. It went public at the end of last year, and it seems the metal issue was just the beginning of its business.

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