Google brings its Gboard keyboard to Wear OS watches

The Google team surprised with a novelty for Wear OS. After a long time without news, Google announced that Wear OS watches will feature the Gboard keyboard.

And of course, this update brings a number of benefits and improves the user experience. We tell you some of the functions that this version of the Google keyboard offers you on your Wear OS watch.

Google announces Gboard for Wear OS

If Gboard is your favorite keyboard on mobile, you will be happy to know that you can extend the experience to your watch with Wear OS, thanks to the new Google update.

As with the current keyboard in Wear OS, Gboard will allow the user to choose between different input methods. So you can opt for voice input, gestures or the QWERTY keyboard depending on the circumstances or your preferences. And of course, you cannot miss the emojis for those occasions that a quick response is worth.

All these options will be available to you every time you want to send a message, as you see in the image:

google keyboard

And if you have already chosen the QWERTY keyboard, do not worry, since you can directly access the emojis from its interface or use the direct access to the microphone. So you won’t have to hassle with different menus and options.

And of course, we will also have the extra help of the keyboard word suggestions that will save us a lot of time, and the corrections to quickly edit the text. On the other hand, a bonus that Gboard offers is that it allows the user to change languages ​​with a simple touch. And it does not matter if you have another language configured in the clock system, since you can use all the supported languages ​​on the keyboard.

This change to the default keyboard for Wear OS watches will be available in the next few days.

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