How to set reminders to re-check a website you visited

If you are one of those people who usually fill their browser with open tabs, this tool may be useful for you.

Through a simple extension, totally free, you can set reminders to revisit a website and thus close it with confidence and continue browsing.

Just as there are more relaxed routines around the use of the Internet, which with one or a couple of tabs manage to satisfy the purposes of those who browse, on the other hand there are also content consumption habits that are more demanding.

Without counting those who accumulate open tabs in their browser for convenience or habit, there are work or student dynamics that, almost inevitably, lead to this saturation scenario for the browser. Writing research reports or working with any web support are part of the daily examples that can be brought up.

Maintaining an order with the browser tabs, limiting them to a prudent number, is a contribution both for the optimization of a computer (freeing up system resources), as well as for optimizing the focus of attention on those tasks with immediate priority.

An extension to recover closed tabs with reminders

Returning to the example of the execution of an investigation, in scenarios like this it is common to repeatedly cite documentary sources within the reports. In this case, the use of references and consultation texts is part of the dynamics of this process and that is precisely where the utility that we present below can come into play.

This is CloseTab, an extension that is emerging as an alternative to the classic lists of “bookmarks” or “favorites” present in almost every browser.

Available for Firefox and Chrome (plus browsers that are based on their technology), the CloseTab extension allows you to configure a reminder via email, before closing its containing tab.

The extension is presented as a system of “smart bookmarks” because, in addition to its system of reminders, rules and expiration dates for them, it also allows grouping the saved links through hashtags.

This project is an open source initiative, totally free and according to what is indicated in the presentation of its website, it will continue to be offered under this modality, which will be expanded with the incorporation of a new payment plan that, without restricting what offers the free plan, allows access to advanced programming options or integration with other services.

To use this service, just log in using a Google account and have the extension active in the browser. You can learn more about this tool at

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