Instagram and Messenger add new themes and more chat features

Facebook announced a series of novelties focused on improving communication on Instagram and Messenger.

This update comes loaded with new themes, stickers and more options to communicate with friends and contacts.

Instagram and Messenger add new chat functions

One of the novelties that you will find in this update is the possibility of sending a photo or video as a “visual response”. So when you are chatting with your friends in the chat, you can reply to any of the photos and videos in the same way.

An option that is being released on iOS, but we will have to wait to see it in the Android app. And continuing with the actions that you can perform from a swipe, Messenger adds the possibility of archiving conversations just by swiping the chats.

And do not worry, you will not have to go around thousands of times to find the archived chats, since Instagram will add a specific folder for this purpose. Does it bother you to press and hold the record button to send a voice memo on Messenger? Then you will be happy to know that it will no longer be necessary because a single tap on the microphone icon is enough.

This free hand dynamic for your audios will also be added to Instagram in the future, so you can record your voice messages while multitasking, without problems. And as a bonus, it adds to Instagram a little feature to the inbox so you know if your contacts have read your DMs.

On the other hand, new options are added for those who like to personalize chats and add new stickers to conversations. For example, with this update two new themes for the chat are added: Selena: the series and Star Wars, as well as stickers allusive to the American Heritage of Asia Pacific.

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