Microsoft won’t release its competitor to Chrome OS anytime soon

Microsoft backtracks on its idea of ​​releasing Windows 10X, at least in the short term, a lightweight variant of your operating system with which to try cope with Google’s successful Chrome OS, and as revealed in the Petri and Windows Central reports, the company has not only halted its development, but also may never be released in its current concept.

In fact, company officials stopped talking publicly about Windows 10X during the past year. At first, Microsoft was expected to launch Windows 10X throughout this spring, where even earlier this year an almost final version of this operating system was leaked.

Several hypotheses are considered about the paralysis of its development

As could be observed in said version, Windows 10X had both visual and operational similarities to Chrome OS, and it would also be aimed at lower-level teams, hardware resources focused on the school sector and front-line workers, sectors widely linked to the use of hardware. Chromebooks.

It should be remembered that Windows 10X originally started as an operating system aimed at dual-screen devices, like the Surface Neo, about which there are also rumors about its possible withdrawal.

In order to Windows Central, the stop in its development is motivated for the increased efforts of Microsoft to modernize the user interface and desktop experience that will come with the new update of Windows 10, scheduled for this coming fall, and which will be called Sun Valley, where among other things, it will come with rounded corners, the possibility of changing the color of the folders, renewal of the icons, leaving behind the icons inherited from Windows 95 and XP, among others. .

PetriHowever, he points out that internally, many company workers did not see Windows 10X as mature enough to launch, and that the customers with whom the operating system was being tested “were not aligned with the product they were producing. ‘

Given this situation, Chrome OS can continue to breathe easy, since Microsoft will not launch a rival in such a short term. To this must be added the improvements that it has received in each version, leaving the few features and capacities that were offered at first, being now a functional and solvent operating system, maintaining ease and simplicity, along with its high security levels.

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