Microsoft would like to remind that Xbox is very profitable

After the revelation on Xbox sales having always been at a loss, Microsoft wants to make a small update.

In the legal battle that rages between Apple and Epic Games, Microsoft has come to make certain revelations about the economics of the business. Indeed, Lori Wright had admitted that Microsoft had always sold its consoles at a loss, the cost of building them being astronomical in relation to the selling price. However, this news just did not mean that the branch Xbox of the company was not making any money. It’s quite the opposite. Indeed, if the consoles do not bring money to the company, there are a whole bunch of games and services which, them, bring in a lot. This not only makes up for the loss but also makes a nice profit.

A Microsoft spokesperson said that “ the console gaming industry has traditionally been a model of hardware subsidy. Game companies sell consoles at a loss to attract new customers. Profits are generated by sales of games and subscriptions to online services “. This is exactly the same business model that is facing Sony. This is why the two companies have been waging a war on exclusivity and the quality of services for several years.

However, it seems that Nintendo is not subject to the same dynamic when it comes to the hardware part of its business. Indeed, according to legal documents, Microsoft believes that the sale of consoles generates loss for Sony, but profit for Nintendo. This is not so surprising when you consider that Nintendo has just passed the 84 million mark. Nintendo Switch sold since its launch.

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