Netflix plans to launch a new platform

The aim will be to offer subscribers an information portal on its new productions, with new content. The firm could also make its first foray into the world of podcasting.

Competition is getting tough in the SVOD world. To maintain its leadership position in the sector, Netflix continues to develop new tools, even beyond its own platform. It will even compete with TikTok with its Fast Laugh app, which will allow users to share extracts from comedy series and films. This time, it is on the information side that the red N wants to place itself. On its blog, the company launched a survey regarding a mysterious service, baptized N-Plus. According to the statement, it will be a question of proposing original behind-the-scenes content, as well as information on upcoming Netflix productions. Concretely, it will be “A stream of text, images and videos where you can sign up to receive news, interviews, analysis and more in-depth dives into your favorite series.” “ There will also be games, practical guides and discussions between spectators. Netflix would also consider investing in the podcast niche.

A paid offer?

For now, the details of this new offer are still uncertain. The platform does not specify, for example, whether access to this content will be billed, in addition to the price of the classic subscription. On the other hand, she announces that it will undoubtedly be necessary to register to enjoy an improved experience. However, some information will be offered directly from the Google Search portal. So, for example, you can search for the latest information on season 4 of Stranger Things, who is coming moreover to reveal itself in a new teaser.

It remains to be seen whether the survey sent to users will be conclusive and whether Netflix will continue its momentum. After all, with the arrival of many new competitors like HBO Max or Disney +, Netflix will have to innovate to convince its users that it remains the best platform.

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