PlayStation: Sony sued for monopoly on the sale of digital games

The company will face the class action lawsuit over the sale of digital games through its PlayStation Store.

This week, the attention of the video game world is particularly focused on the trial between Epic Games to Apple. The publisher of Fortnite criticizes the apple giant in particular for adopting anti-competitive behavior with its App Store. Yet it is not the only company to face similar accusations since Sony is currently engaged in a class action lawsuit.

Indeed, Sony is criticized for creating a monopoly situation by only authorizing sales of digital content from its PlayStation Store. It is true that to date, players on PlayStation do not have the ability to purchase physical games from the Store, which means that Sony is the only distributor authorized to sell games. Plus, it’s been over two years since Sony banned other resellers from selling download codes for digital games on PlayStation.

A class action lawsuit led by annoyed consumers

That’s why consumers have launched this class action lawsuit against Sony. As explained Bloomberg, this remedy mentions that consumers can spend up to 175% more purchasing a digital game through PlayStation Store than they would have spent purchasing a physical version of the game from a retailer.

“Sony’s monopoly allows it to charge gamers with ultra-competitive prices for digital PlayStation games, which are significantly more expensive than their physical counterparts sold in competitive retail, and significantly more expensive than they would be in the UK. a retail business specializing in digital games ”

It remains to be seen whether this collective action will lead to concrete change for users and for Sony.

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