TikTok will allow its users to log in with their accounts on third-party platforms

Users are already accustomed to the possibility of using our usual credentials that we have on a series of platforms to access new ones without having to create new user accounts from scratch in them, provided that this possibility also exists, something that does not happen. in all cases.

In this sense, TikTok just presented officially two new Software Development Kits (SDK): the login kit and the sound kit.

An important step to favor integrations with third parties

The kit of Login will allow interested developers can offer the possibility that users can log in safely and quickly with their accounts on TikTok.

Eventually, users may also be able to bring some of their content available on TikTok to their profiles on third-party platforms., thus expanding the scope of his audiovisual creations.

The short video platform has listed the third-party platforms that are already using the new SDK, among which is the popular PUBG video game, although we also find other solutions, such as streamlabs, specialized in real-time broadcasting, or Burpple, a food discovery platform.

Like any other SDK, the new TikTok SDK will only allow you to obtain data from the application in which it is used, as well as the activity of the logins in it and the corresponding authorizations.

To bring sounds and music from third platforms

And in addition to the login kit, TikTok has also officially unveiled the sound kit, which according to TikTok:

The sound kit allows creators and artists to seamlessly incorporate original sounds and music from third-party apps into the TikTok ecosystem.

In other words, TikTok being a platform that is based on audio, users may be able to bring sound content from third-party applications within TikTok, for which there are also already a series of platforms that already make use of the new SDK, a clear example being Yourdio, which allows users to compose their own soundtracks to bring them to their videos on TikTok.

Available globally

The new SDKs are already officially available worldwide so they can be integrated into mobile applications, on the web and on consoles.

To Isaac Bess, Global Head of Distribution Partnerships for TikTok:

Through the Sound Kit and Login Kit for TikTok, we are providing seamless integration solutions that help developers expand their reach, increase creator exposure, and empower our community to showcase their content on other platforms.

More information: TikTok

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