Twitter: You can now tip (and receive)

Some handpicked users can now receive tips on Twitter. The option is expected to expand in the coming months.

Twitter just unveiled « Tip Jar » (literally, “Tip jar”), a new option that some users will be able to take advantage of now to receive tips. Concretely, this option will allow everyone to support their favorite creators by sending them money on Twitter. The « Tip Jar » is displayed right next to the bell and the button to subscribe on a user’s profile on the social network.

“This is the first step in our plan to create new ways to give and receive support on Twitter – with money” explains the social network to the blue bird in a press release. However, for the time being, this option remains reserved for certain users only, journalists, content creators, experts or non-profit organizations. The function is expected to be more broadly extended in the coming months. “Soon more users will be able to add Tip Jar to their profile, and the functionality will be extended to other languages” specifies the firm.

What payment services are available?

On an account that has this famous « Tip Jar », The user will be able to offer several services to receive tips, such as Patreon, Bandcamp, Cash App, Venmo or even PayPal. All money sent via « Tip Jar » will be donated to the creator, Twitter does not take a commission.

However, if the purpose of this function is above all to allow « tips » on Twitter without disseminating information related to his PayPal account, for example, it failed. As @alterego notes on the social network, the user you tip via this feature will be able to see your address. We tested, and it is indeed the case. However, only the recipient will have access to this information, which greatly limits attempts scam.

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