WandaVision: we finally know why Doctor Strange was absent subscribers

While WandaVision aims to introduce the second installment of the adventures of Doctor Strange, the character has finally never pointed the tip of his nose. Still, it was in Marvel’s plans.

Last January, Marvel officially launched its universe on the small screen with WandaVision. Jac Shaeffer’s series was to serve as an introduction to Doctor Strange and The Multiverse of Madness, but the wizard embodied by Benedict Cumberbatch ultimately never pointed the tip of his nose. Still, that was the direction Marvel chose to wrap up the series. In an interview with Rolling Stone, Marvel president Kevin Feige looks back on this abortive appearance.

“Some would say it would have been cool to see Dr. Strange, but I think it would have taken something away from Wanda and we wanted to avoid that.” We didn’t want the end of the series to be all about an intro for the next movie. “

According to rumors, he was to appear during the commercials broadcast in each of the episodes, to warn the scarlet witch and guide her from a distance. These last minute changes will therefore have pushed Marvel to rethink the storyline of the series, but also that of the film. Last minute hiccups that did not mar the passion of the teams for whom the adventure was “A wonderful combination of very dedicated coordination and chaos. It is the magic of chaos. “

Instead, the writers preferred to introduce two new notions that will be explored in more detail in Sam Raimi’s film. In particular, we should learn more about the chaos magic used by Wanda to create the Hex. She has also been invested with the title of Supreme Witch, which should make her a great ally for Stephen Strange. Moreover, in the post-credit scene, this link between the two productions is more than explicit. As she uses her powers to find her children, a revisit of the theme of Doctor Strange is used. Will Wanda be behind the creation of the Multiverse of Madness? Only time will tell.

Doctor Strange 2 must land on our screens in mars 2022. It will be directed by Sam Raimi, to whom we already owe the Spider-Man trilogy released in 2002. In the cast, we will obviously find Benedict Cumberbatch and Rachel McAdams. Elizabeth Olsen will also be there, as will Chiwetel Ejiofor. Finally, Benedict Wong will reprise his role of… Wong, the doctor’s right-hand man. To find the entire Marvel calendar in cinema and on Disney + for the next few years, visit our file devoted to the subject.

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