Blue Origin is auctioning off space travel seat

The first space tourist sent into orbit by Blue Origin will take off in a few months! Jeff Bezos’ company gave more details on its offer open to (wealthy) individuals.

Blue Origin a announced this week that the first manned flight of its New Shepard rocket will take place on July 20. One of the seats is reserved for a space tourist, and to be able to settle there you will have to open your wallet wide, since it is sold at auction. They will take place in three phases and will end on June 12, live and online.

Take off on July 20!

This promises a great rat race among the most fortunate lovers of the great outdoors! But rest assured, the honor is safe: the profits from the operation will be donated to Club For The Future, a foundation dedicated to education created by Blue Origin.

The trip will take six crew members in the capsule mounted to the top of New Shepard. After the separation from the rocket (which will return quietly to Earth), the capsule will remain in suspension for a few minutes at the border between atmosphere and space. Then it will be the return to the cow floor, with the help of a parachute.

No human has yet flown in a Blue Origin rocket. It will therefore be a great first for Jeff Bezos’ company, which thus offers itself a great media coverage! In this area, Blue Origin is largely overtaken by SpaceX, Elon Musk’s other company, which has stepped up tests and flights with NASA. She also sent astronauts into space and pocketed the contract that will send men to the moon again.

Blue Origin is not alone in the space tourism niche. Virgin Galactic and SpaceX also have projects in this potentially very promising market.

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