Determine the vessel age after updating the Body Cardio scale

The smart fitness scale Body Cardio from Withings can determine the vascular age of a user after an update.

Withings Body Cardio scale with a new function

The market for smart bathroom scales already has a number of different models. Most of them can be connected to an app and here the measured values ​​can be viewed over the course of time. Other functions, such as measuring the body fat value, can also be on board.

The smart scales from Withings are called Body Cardio and, in addition to weight measurement, also have other smart functions. For example, the BMI can be determined or the heart rate. With an update, another function has been added, namely the determination of the vessel age. The vascular age is a medically recognized value that provides information about arterial health. So you can now find out how your own value behaves in comparison to the norm value of your own age group.

Usually the arteries age more slowly than the rest of the body. However, they can age faster if they are frequently exposed to cigarette smoke and unhealthy high cholesterol foods. If a person’s vascular age is significantly higher than a person’s chronological age, there is a higher risk of cardiovascular problems later in life. Vascular age is a scientifically recognized metric that is widely used as a wellness indicator.

With the Withing Body Cardio you can now determine how well your heart is in health.

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