Facebook presented a new tool to communicate between neighbors

Facebook has stated on more than one occasion that one of its purposes is to offer a digital communication solution for the widest possible range of contexts.

Within that interest, they have now announced the opening of a new section within the app of their eponymous social network, dedicated to communication between neighbors.

Facebook now wants to connect the neighbors of each place

“Neighborhoods” or simply “Neighbors” is the name of the new initiative that Facebook presented, as a new part of its application, focused on the purpose of contacting neighbors and providing news at the community level.

As a pilot test, a first stage of this new section was implemented by Facebook in Canada, particularly in the town of Calgary, in October last year.

The advantage offered by this new dynamic is the separation between the personal contacts of the profile (the list of friends) and the neighborhood contacts, which will only work within the new section presented.

To participate in “Neighbors”, it is necessary to create a sub-profile linked to the main one of your account, something similar to what is done in Facebook Couples. The information is managed in different spaces, but the entry and administration is executed from the same account.

In this section, users can join their own neighborhoods or establish networks with nearby neighborhoods, to deal with any issue that concerns the collective interest. Also, they can explore attractions, recommendations or services offered in the nearby radius.

Apps like Nextdoor in the North American market or Sosafe in the Southern Cone of America, they are an older sample, with active communities, which clearly patent how tools of this type work.

As for the privacy management of this tool, it would be under the same terms that Facebook works, as expected. For this reason, the activity in this space will also influence the advertising displayed by the social platform.

The experience known from these other applications indicates that one of the main challenges that Facebook would have to face if its solution grows in coverage and volume of use, would be the moderation of messages. The social network affirmed that they will have moderators and also, each user will have the opportunity to block other accounts, as in traditional Facebook.

Currently, neighborhood communities tend to manage collective communication channels. If they are not some of the mentioned applications, sometimes a simple WhatsApp group is enough. However, this new alternative seeks to attract the attention and attract the confidence of neighboring communities, so that they implement it once it is deployed beyond Canada.

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