How many mobile unlocking modes are there?

Surely you resort to a 4 or 6 digit PIN to be able to unlock your mobile. Nevertheless, Did you know that there are some safer and more interesting alternatives to protect your device?

At present we have up to 6 unlock modes, in which the security can go from medium low to quite high. Below we will show each of them and how to activate them on an Android smartphone.

Unlock via pattern

Unlock pattern

A few years ago this was the most used method to unlock the mobile. In case you still do not know what it is about, it is about drawing a pattern joining the available ones: draw an L, a square, etc. Depending on the device settings, the security it offers is medium, so you should avoid this mode.

Unlocking via PIN

PIN smartphone

With a medium-high security average, unlocking by PIN is based on adding a 4-digit password that you must enter each time you want to enter your mobile. Like the previous one, it can be created from the item Lock screen, located in the smartphone settings.

Unlocking by password

The third option is simple, with high security and quite well known: you must create a password by placing letters, numbers or symbols. The more complicated this combination is, the more secure your mobile will be from intruders.

Unlocking through the face

Face Unlock

New advances in technology have improved security when using your face to unlock your device. This biometric process consists of locating the face in front of the front camera so that the device makes a quick analysis of the patterns of the user’s face and can unlock the screen. To save the face data, you must also enter the settings.

Fingerprint Unlocking

Galaxy S10 fingerprint unlock

We could say that it is one of the most used today. You only need to save the fingerprint and / or fingerprint parameters of the user to unlock the mobile through the fingerprint reader. Something worth noting is that Today we have smartphones with an on-screen fingerprint reader, that is, under the screen. Thus, from the section Screen lock type you can click on the option Fingerprints to add yours (in case your mobile has either of the 2 sensors).

With this, we can place our fingerprint on a specific section of the screen and the mobile will be unlocked. Currently, Qualcomm is one of the companies that is making the most progress in the area, since a few months ago they presented this ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.

Smart Lock, the plus in mobile unlocking

Smart Lock

At this point, it must be said that all the previous unlocking options must be done manually to be able to enter the content of the mobile. However, in recent years Smart Lock has arrived, an alternative that can be found in the section Lock screen So what allows you to add up to 3 actions to unlock the device automatically: Transport detection, Trusted places and Trusted devices:

– Transport detection: You can unlock your mobile only once and it will remain unlocked while on the go.

– Trusted places: allows you to add the location where the smartphone should be unlocked.

– Trusted devices: in this section you can add a device to keep the mobile unlocked when it is close to it (you can use the Bluetooth for this).

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