Netflix plans to offer new features based on your favorite movies and series

Netflix appears to be working on a new project called N-Plus. A new initiative that seems to revolve around the possibility of offering complementary content to users about their favorite series and movies.

Music, podcasts, personalized playlists … are some of the options that Netflix seems to be considering for this new service.

Netflix is ​​thinking of offering a new service

Although Netflix has not given details about it, it has let know what ideas it is exploring in a survey that some users have received. This survey revolves around a service or function called N-Plus with this proposal:

a future online space where you can learn more about the programs and related topics

Netflix seems to have more than a couple of ideas for offering this supplemental content to users. Among the options mentioned in the survey, is the possibility of creating playlists with those movies and series episodes that we like, to view them at any time or share them with our friends.

Another possibility that is being evaluated, as mentioned in Protocol, is to use the soundtrack of the movies and music of the series so that users create their personalized playlists. And of course, podcasts were also included among the options for this survey.

So there are multiple perspectives that Netflix is ​​considering to take advantage of its catalog and offer complementary content to users. So they won’t have to turn to other platforms to have all this additional information about their favorite movies and series, and it would contribute to spending much more time on Netflix.

At the moment, all these ideas are only part of a Netflix survey, so nothing is defined yet. So depending on the feedback from users and the strategy that Netflix decides to implement, N-Plus could take a very different course from the one proposed so far.

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