SpaceX finally succeeds in the first landing of a Starship prototype

Finally ! SpaceX managed to land a prototype of its Starship rocket safely, without it exploding. This is excellent news for Elon Musk’s company, which will be able to go further.

Landing ” nominal For the SN15 rocket, said Elon Musk. It is indeed the first time that a prototype of the Starship rocket managed to take off and then return to Earth without incident, although there was a methane leak at the base of the machine, an incident fortunately of no consequence. .

Promising for the future

SpaceX’s vision is to be able to reuse its rockets, which will save money and increase flights to space. It is also a further step towards larger projects, such as taking men and women to the moon again. The company has won the order from NASA in April.

This soft landing is therefore a relief for SpaceX, after a series of disappointments and bad news. At the beginning of March, SN10 had hit the hardships, but the rocket immediately caught fire. Elon Musk then explained that it was a problem of engine thrust, too low due to the absorption of helium in the fuel tank.

Changes were subsequently made to SN11, but unfortunately this prototype also did not fulfill its mission properly. In fact, the rocket did not even return to Earth. This was a problem with the second engine. Obviously, these unfortunate experiences helped SN15 to land a successful landing and contributed to its success.

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