The Bad Batch review, what is the sequel of The Clone Wars on Disney + worth?

After watching the first two episodes of the series, we reveal everything we think about it in this review of The Bad Batch.

On May 4, World Star Wars Day, Disney presented the very first episode of its new animated series titled The Bad Batch. The first season will consist of 14 episodes, all broadcast on a weekly basis. Direct sequel of the series The Clone Wars, it wants to be the entry point of a new intrigue in the intergalactic universe of Star Wars.

We therefore follow the adventures of a unit of rather special clones, which are defined by their differences rather than their conformity. They call themselves “the wrong lot” even though their disability turns out to be their greatest strength. It’s the end of the Clone Wars in the galaxy and our heroes are preparing for an unexpected turnaround: the Jedi are no longer welcome and the Republic is gradually giving way to Empire. After watching the first two episodes, the very first being a special 70-minute episode, we reveal everything we think about this debut of the series in this review of The Bad Batch.

A rather classic and iconic creation …

The Bad Batch being the sequel and spin-off of The Clone Wars, it seems obvious that the creators have kept most of the characteristics of the series and more generally of the franchise. In its form already, it takes the 3D animation of The Clone Wars. It should come as no surprise when you consider that the prolific Dave Filoni is back in production. On the other hand, he gave way to showrunner to Jennifer Corbett, an American screenwriter who had already worked on NCIS. While this style of animation might discourage newbies, fans of the previous series should be quite happy with the result. Stamped Star Wars, the series The Bad Batch is very logically conferred an important heritage, to which it pays admirable homage.

Indeed, there are all the mechanics that already worked in the previous creations of the franchise. From iconic crossfade transitions to epic music, everything is done to ensure that the series is part of a lineage that will touch several generations of fans of the saga. We also find the same composer as in The Clone Wars, namely Kevin Kiner. The score perfectly accompanies the tone of each scene and is a real asset to the series. We can therefore speak of a success in terms of the transmission of the classic and iconic spirit of previous Star Wars creations.

… which stands out thanks to its quirky characters

Credit: Disney

The Bad Batch is therefore in the same line as its predecessor, without much folly or novelty, it stands out thanks to the richness of its characters. Here, we are dealing with charismatic and endearing protagonists, with a style well assumed as well as their own abilities. This aspect gives a dimension more than interesting to the series, as well on the side of the frame as in the completeness of all deficient clones. We hope that the series will explore their destinies as it should, thanks to a story that we hope is cleverly put together.

The story punctuated by some unexpected twists (but also others a little more predictable) hits the mark. Throughout its first two chapters, The Bad Batch shows solid arguments and proves that it will be able to impose itself durably in the universe imagined by George Lucas. Moreover, the arrival of an astonishing and very important character for the story reinforces our desire to discover more.

A good start to an entertainment series

Credit: Disney

Entertaining without being really engaging, The Bad Batch has a good plot and an objective set from the start. The stake for the next episodes is clear: Hunter and his gang must find their place in a whole new empire, while they are themselves. products and servants of the Republic. If that sounds serious enough, we still trust Disney to put the right touch of humor to lighten the tone of the series.

The first episodes give us a general impression of a controlled sense of suspense and action, as well as an astonishing sense of attachment. We didn’t really see a significant familiar face in those early episodes other than the horrific Emperor Palpatine, but it won’t be long before. After all, cameos abound in the franchise.

However, we must admit that it is just as well to start an adventure again by centering it on new faces. This will undoubtedly allow the series to free itself from the seriousness of the saga, while offering a more ambitious reinterpretation of the universe. It remains to be seen from now on if this is the path that will take The Bad Batch in the rest of the season.

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