Thomas Pesquet launches new Coldplay song from the International Space Station

It’s hard to imagine a better way to launch a new song than to announce it from space! Coldplay pulled off a big hit by enlisting Thomas Pesquet, currently orbiting the International Space Station, for the track “Higher Power”.

This is an interstellar first. Coldplay, used to big hits, promoted his new song ” Higher Power By offering himself to none other than Thomas Pesquet. The commander of the international space station, which took off on April 23, launched the song from the ISS after a chat with members of the group.

A first for the ISS

After a quick tour of the resort’s dome, the four members of the group and Thomas Pesquet discussed his missions and those of his team. The Commander for six months also recounted his feelings and his impression of the Earth now as he turns around. ” It’s amazing how small and fragile the earth looks [vu d’ici]. We must use our resources intelligently, we must share them and work together ».

When the astronaut put on sunglasses to protect his eyes from the sun’s rays, band frontman Chris Martin couldn’t help comparing him to a rock star: ” It’s like talking with Bono [de U2] ! “. Then the singer explained that “Higher Power” was designed with the idea of ​​space in mind: “ We imagine extraterrestrial worlds and this is a way for us to speak of life on earth, it is an allegory; we try to find the astronaut in each of us, the one capable of doing extraordinary things ».

Thomas Pesquet then started playing the song from his tablet. ” Higher Power ”Immediately appeared on streaming platforms as well as on YouTube. “ I’m sure this was the first song to launch into space before Earth He had fun on Twitter.

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