YouTube will make listening to music easier with new playback controls

YouTube is testing a new dynamic that will make it easier for users to listen to music from the application.

Rather than encouraging users to switch to YouTube Music, he plans to incorporate playback controls for music into the app.

New controls for listening to music on YouTube

While YouTube Music ran as the successor to Google Play Music, users still use YouTube to occasionally listen to music. And Google’s constant reminders to switch to the YouTube Music player don’t seem to deter us from leaving the YouTube app.

So YouTube is testing a plan b to meet the needs of users who prefer to listen to music on YouTube. As mentioned in 9To5Google, YouTube is testing new controls to turn the app into a music player.

So they would replace the basic controls of YouTube for a more complete option and according to the functions that users need when they play music. Of course, it will be a dynamic that will be activated only when the user plays a music video.

In that case, YouTube will suggest to the user to open the music controls, and the options for “forward and backward” 10 seconds, as well as “next and previous” to scroll through the songs, will automatically be displayed under the video. In this new interface there are also the options to give “Like”, save the video in the library or change the playback speed. And of course, the title of the song and the name of the author.

If these controls are implemented, it will save users having to constantly switch applications or resign themselves to the current YouTube player. At the moment, this new dynamic is being tested, so we will have to wait to see if YouTube decides to implement it permanently in the future.

And on the other hand, a detail to keep in mind is that it will become a premium feature, so only YouTube subscribers could have these new music controls.

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