70’s fashion revival thanks to the Netflix series The Serpent

70s fashion is back on trend… thanks to a Netflix series! The Serpent, which has been a big success on the streaming platform, allows several accessories and clothing typical of the seventies to experience a second youth.

Netflix productions have a real impact on trends and fashions: the Lady’s game has thus made the number of chess players soar… So the revival of several accessories typical of the 70s is not surprising in view of the box of the series The snake.

Leg pants, aviator glasses …

This series takes place in Bangkok in the 1970s, where Charles Sobhraj and his partner Marie-Andrée Leclerc pose as a diamond couple. But the reality is much darker: they drug young hippies who have the misfortune to cross their path, steal their goods and get rid of the bodies. 18 people would have lost their lives in the hands of Sobhraj, nicknamed “The Serpent”.

The couple’s murderous actions ended thanks to a Dutch diplomat. This is the story that tells The snake, the series of Netflix, in which the fashion of the seventies takes a preponderant place. And that’s what caught the eye of many spectators! According to the Stylight platform, clicks on elephant leg pants jumped 104%. Interest in aviator-style sunglasses has increased by 78%.

For sleeveless sweaters, the craze is very strong with an increase in clicks of 80%. Silk scarves and Creole earrings also recorded interest increases of 45% and 42% respectively! It should come as no surprise to see the revival of these 70’s fashion icons at the parties this summer.

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