A tool to download batches of images from social networks or any website

If you’ve ever wanted to download all the results of an image search on the web, you’ve probably been put off or tired by the idea of ​​repeating the same step over and over with each result. A similar situation has been experienced by those who have tried to download one or more photos from Instagram, without having an expedited way to do so easily.

For these and more cases, a simple and powerful web tool offers a solution capable of facilitating this task, reducing it to just a couple of clicks.

ImgDownloader, to download batches of images from a URL

The tool in question is ImgDownloader. It works purely from the web and is provided as a totally free service.

Through a simple form found on the front page of your website, this tool allows you to download batches of images through three mechanisms: through a direct URL, through a Google search or through an Instagram link.

For the first case, in case you want to obtain the images from a specific website, you just have to indicate the address in question, so that the platform immediately displays a gallery with all the images and videos in MP4 format ready for download. You can get a compressed file with all the captured content or download individually, selectively.


Example of use, with the images that appear on the front page of WWWhatsnew.

For the other two cases the dynamics is similar. In the case of Google search, just enter the query terms, in the same way as in the search engine; While in the case of Instagram, it is necessary to enter a specific URL of the platform, which can be the entire account or just a specific post.

An important observation is the prudent use of downloaded content. For personal projects, specific exercises or to obtain material from public domain sources, it is emerging as the perfect solution. However, if images protected by intellectual property laws are reused, especially in projects of a commercial nature, the relevant sanctions may be triggered.

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