Amazon Alexa – display interface will be abolished, skills must be updated

Amazon Alexa is constantly being developed. For devices with a display, there was that right from the start Display Interfacewith which content could be displayed on a device with a screen using a firmly defined template. This stamps Amazon now to the 30th July an, Alexa Skill Developers should switch to APL now!

Amazon Alexa – Display Interface will be abolished on July 30th, 2021

The old one Display Interface For Amazon Alexa Skills will be discontinued on July 30th. For all developers who still have skills from the first days in the Skill Store, it is now time to switch. With the changeover, you should switch to the Alexa Presentation Language (APL). The display interface is no longer supported on all devices. For example, it works on a Fire TV Cube, but not on all other Fire TV devices.

If you as a developer are affected, you will receive an email from Amazon. From this email you can see which of your Alexa skills will be affected.

A logical step, because display templates are simply not sustainable. There are always larger displays, both round and square. These aren’t really dynamic either, and we don’t even need to talk about animations. The Alexa Presentation Language, which is currently publicly available in version 1.6, can do all of this, in order to develop interactive multimodal Alexa skills.

A little tip on the side: If you want to get an overview of what developers create with pure APL, then have a look APL Ninja at. There is a large collection of examples from various developers for Alexa Skills, which visually show what is possible. Perhaps one or the other example will help you. You can view the example directly in the browser.

If you want to exchange ideas on the topic, have a look at our “Smart Speaker Group”On Facebook. There you will find a huge community with whom you can exchange ideas on the topic!

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