Aqara Cube T1 Pro – A cube for smart home control

With the Aqara Cube T1 Pro, the Chinese company is launching a scene remote control in the form of a cube.

Aqara Cube T1 Pro also switches HomeKit scenes

Aqara, Aqara, Aqara…. I have not been reporting so regularly about any other smart home system lately, because new products are constantly appearing here at the moment. In the end it was the switches of the E1 and H1 series, before that the E1 roller blind drive and the E1 USB hub were also included.

With the Cube T1 Pro, Aqara is now showing a remote control with which various scenes and devices can be sounded. As the name suggests, this is a small cube on which each side can be assigned different scenes. The idea is not entirely new, as Nanoleaf has had something like this in its range for a long time. I have it here too, I never use it.

The integration into HomeKit may of course be interesting for many. This is also the difference to the Aqara Cube, which you can already order on Amazon. There is no mention of HomeKit in the description.

Aqara – E1 Hub USB stick appears in the Mi Home app

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