LeetCode, to do job interviews with programmers


If you need a programmer for your company, surely you want him to participate in a selection process where he can demonstrate his knowledge.

Among all the existing options, today I am going to talk about the one offered by LeetCode.

Is about a web platform which does not require candidates to install anything. The interviewer has to open an account and create an interview so that the candidate can participate in the tests. The time limit for each test is 3 hours, and the free version allows up to 10 interviews per month.

We can choose questions from the LeetCode question bank or create our own questions on the whiteboard. Then we can invite the candidates to the interview by sending the link to it.

Among the advantages of the platform we have:

– Easy to use. No downloads or IDE required.
– LeetCode question sets already included. There are thousands of high-quality questions ready to use in interviews.
– Blackboard, to customize the challenges.
– Supports frontend frames: HTML5, React and Vue.
– Collaboration tools can be used: video and voice chat along with code collaboration.
– Comprehensive test results with real-time code evaluation.

They promise that the quality of the video conferencing is superior to any other similar platform, and that the questions (more than 2,000) are carefully selected by experts in the field.

A good tool for remote contracting.

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