Pfizer develops pill to cure Covid-19

After the Covid-19 vaccine… the drug? The Pfizer group has started clinical trials to cure the infection, and the lab results are promising.

By the end of the year, we could go to a pharmacy to buy a drug to cure Covid-19, as simply as we go for aspirins. It is the Pfizer laboratory, already at the origin of a vaccine, which is developing a treatment in the form of a tablet. At the first signs of respiratory disease, it would suffice to take the treatment.

A drug against the coronavirus

Le Figaro explains that the active treatment is effective in the laboratory, which made it possible to launch phase 1 trials in March. If the results are convincing, clinical trials can start, which suggests the possibility of a drug at the end of the year. However, caution is in order and we will have to wait for the results and analyze them before claiming victory. Above all, it is important to know whether this treatment is effective against the variants.

This tablet is different from the treatments so far imagined and which have demonstrated their uselessness: unlike hydroxychloroquine or remdesivir, Pfizer is developing a drug specifically designed against Covid-19. And the principle is also different since it is a question of preventing the reproduction of the virus.

The treatment aims to stop the activity of the protease which “cuts” the protein of Sars-CoV-2 (the scientific name given to this coronavirus). This is basically inactive, but after cutting, the proteins thus created become active and therefore dangerous. By acting directly at the source, ie the protease, the drug prevents the reproduction of the protein.

An interesting path to follow, therefore, which could deal a fatal blow to the epidemic, after the vaccines.

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