24/7 blood pressure measurement starts with Aktiia

The company Aktiia has launched a wristband that measures and monitors the user’s blood pressure around the clock.

Aktiia – bracelet for automatic blood pressure monitoring

The Swiss-American start-up company Aktiia has developed a new device that allows users to easily monitor their blood pressure around the clock. For this purpose, the bracelet developed was tested and validated in a number of different studies.

By the Bracelet from Aktiia in particular, people with high blood pressure should be offered a simple possibility to measure their values, to save them and to be able to pass them on to their doctors in a targeted and reliable manner. This is intended to make a more targeted and timely supply possible. The background to this is that people who suffer from high blood pressure currently carry out a measurement on average no more than once a week. Either because the cuff is too uncomfortable, but also because one or the other forgets it.

The Aktiia blood pressure monitor measures blood pressure automatically 100 times a week at various times during the day or night. The wearer does not have to do anything for this. After the measurement, the data is transferred and saved in the free companion app. With just one click, a digital summary can be shared with a doctor or family member. According to the manufacturer, the bracelet provides extremely high accuracy for systolic blood pressure (0.45 ± 7.75 mmHg) and diastolic blood pressure (0.38 ± 6.86 mmHg). The measurement is made by optical sensors and photoplethysmography (PPG). The algorithms of the Aktiia software then calculate the blood pressure values ​​from the values ​​determined.

Subscription system for automatic blood pressure measurement

In order to be able to use the Aktiia bracelet, however, a subscription is required. Aktiia’s 24/7 blood pressure monitoring service includes the wristband, the Aktiia cuff (for monthly calibration) and access to all functions of the Aktiia app. You can choose between monthly billing for € 8.99 per month (plus one-off costs of € 99.99) or an annual subscription for € 199.99.

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