Cheap Samsung will switch to Android 11

All three have started in the last six months, even with Android 10, but now it’s time to switch, and with it, the One UI version number is moving forward.

Samsung has come up with three Galaxy specifically tailored to thin wallets in the last six months, and it has A02, az A02s, or A12 It also launched with a 6.5 “HD panel, a 5000 mAh battery, and One UI version 2.x based on Android 10. And now it’s time to signal all three modest giants roughly simultaneously: the Android 11 update can be installed and with it, the One UI 3.1 region of course chooses which one to receive the wireless OTA packet for.

The Galaxy A12 turned around here in March as well [+]

The update packs also get a fresh security bug code, though: of these, only the Snapdragon 450 A02s is affected by a potential vulnerability that could cause data leakage into unauthorized hands on Qualcomm chipsets. In this regard, Samsung already has been publishing since January updates that patch the vulnerability on certain phones, and which switch to the May 1 security fix pack, are certainly considered vulnerable to the indicated issue.

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