Dragon Ball Super: Broly will have a sequel in 2022

On Goku Day, Toei Animation made a big announcement to fans of the franchise. A second opus is in preparation.

And Star Wars a son May the 14th, Dragon Ball has its Goku Day. Like every year, fans of the license celebrated the world day dedicated to the manga character. Toei Animation therefore took this special opportunity to make an announcement that will delight fans of the franchise. Three years after the theatrical release of Dragon Ball Super : Broly, also available in bluray, the character is preparing his return to our screens. In a statement, manga creator Akira Toriyama sent a message to his fans.

“A brand new movie is in the works. Like the previous one, I’m very involved in writing the story and talking to the production to make a wonderful film. I really shouldn’t be talking about the plot just yet, but be prepared to experience some extreme and entertaining fights, which might involve an unexpected character. We will discover territories still unexplored in terms of visual effects and aesthetics, to offer a wonderful journey to the public. So I hope everyone is eager to find out. ”

A sequel planned since 2018

The success of the first feature film, which produced no less than $ 120 million at the box office, seems to have convinced Toei Animation to put the cover back. In its press release, the studio explains “Planning for the new project began in 2018, ahead of the release of Dragon Ball Super: Broly, with the goal of telling a full-scale story that would build on the enthusiastic response from the first film.” This project under the direction of Akira Toriyama, who will be writing and drawing the characters, should land on our screens in 2022. For now, the firm is keeping the details of its plot secret, but we should expect it to reveal the first images to us in the coming months.

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