Dreame L10 Pro, the new Dreame vacuum cleaner, silent and with 4,000Pa of suction

There are a large number of vacuum cleaners on the market, but the vast majority have suction powers of less than 3,000Pa, sufficient for a smooth floor, but often insufficient for vacuuming carpets and rough floors where dirt accumulates at a greater distance from the floor. suction mouth of the robot.

4,000 Pa suction

That is why a vacuum cleaner like the new Dreame, the Dreame L10 Pro, with a power that reaches 4,000Pa without ceasing to boast of autonomy. In standard mode it reaches 2.5 hours, enough to cover a floor of 250 square meters thanks to its 5,200 mAh battery.

Regarding this power, the 4,000 Pascals were measured in the Dreame laboratory, a value measured in a sealed system with a vacuum gauge at the suction inlet when the product is fully loaded and in Turbo mode.

Sweep and scrub

Dreame L10 Pro

For scrubbing, it has a 270 ml water tank, with cloths like the one shown in the figure below. You can sweep and scrub at the same time, since the mop does not obstruct the suction system.

Filters and noise reduction

It features a double-layer filter, HEPA H11 filter to capture particles as small as 0.3 microns, as well as a five-layer noise reduction system: sound absorbing cotton, fluid dynamics right angle air duct, structure of Noise reduction transmission, optimized gear design and optimized motor vibration. With this system they manage to be around 65 dBA.


Dreame L10 Pro

The new Dream L10 Pro features a central brush for sweeping, a side brush for corner dust and a section for filtering, as well as the central maximum power system seen in the figure, a key internal component in this device.

Dreame L10 Pro


Dreame L10 Pro

In terms of navigation, it allows you to automatically differentiate the rooms and we can give each one a name, which makes it easier to ask you to clean certain rooms simply by selecting them from the corresponding app. We can also draw a specific section of the house map, or ask it not to enter certain areas by creating virtual borders.

Control of the Dreame L10 Pro

Dreame L10 Pro

To control it we can use both the mobile app and the Alexa assistant, since it integrates perfectly so that we can give orders with our voice, turning it off and on whenever we want.

Object detection

Dreame L10 Pro

During navigation, it will use LIDAR to detect objects and environments, making it possible to identify both what is on the floor and the furniture, creating an internal three-dimensional map with the environment in which it is located.

In these images it is possible to better understand how the robot sees its surroundings, making the 3D mapping of the elements identified with the Lidar.

Dreame L10 Pro

Price and purchase link

Its price is $ 549.99, but at its launch, from May 8 to May 11, they are selling it for 379.49, and if you also use the web coupon and the $ 10 DREAMEL10BRA, it would end up for 349, $ 49 at this link (click here)

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