Google Brings Inspiration for Web Stories Integrations on Websites

We speak again about Web Stories, Google’s format for the dissemination of Stories on the web based on its AMP technology, since Google is increasingly determined that the “entry point” to them is preferably through integrations on the websites.

So weeks after releasing an updated version of your WordPress plugin, offering new forms of integration and native support for some themes, Google now adds a document that serves as a guideline so that website owners can be inspired on the way or ways in which they can integrate Web Stories into their own web spaces.

Google notes that:

The playbook includes illustrative examples to inspire you to create great experiences on your site. These entry point layouts are flexible and can work to display either one or multiple web stories.

It’s basically a PDF document with a total of 105 pages where he talks about the different forms of presentation of the Web Stories on the web, also covering aspects related to their monetization.

And related to the new «playbook», Google is also launching the first design kit in Figma, a platform for sharing ideas among community members, indicating that website owners can:

customize the elements of this document to fit your own brand and web guidelines, following the recommendations in the playbook provided below.

Website owners, as indicated above, can use the WordPress plugin, although if you do not use this CMS or wish to have an alternative, you can use the Web Story Player, which you can integrate and customize in your respective web spaces.

In this regard, Google says that:

The Web Story Player makes it easy for users to slide between multiple stories and even allows you to customize which story to display next. When stories are easy to discover, views and engagement can increase, offering more opportunities to monetize your content.

It is clear that Google wants to continue increasing the adoption of Web Stories, so it is likely that along the way we will see more tools that encourage integration into websites, in order to bring the Stories that are included before a larger audience, allowing visitors to obtain immersive and easy-to-consume experiences.

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