How to search by dates in Google Photos

Google Photos continues to be one of the best ways to save our photos, and not only because of the ease of uploading them from the mobile automatically as we photograph the world, but also because of the resources that the platform includes, from editors to recommendation systems. to see old photos or the filter that allows us to find images of certain people or objects.

What many do not know is that it is also possible to search by date.

If we put a date in the search engine with the format shown in the image above, Google will return the photos saved that day, or the day after, in case it does not find anything on the specified date.

This trick works for both mobile and web, although it is not the only one that we can do with dates.

If we put a month and a year, we will see a calendar at the bottom. We just have to click on it to see the photos of that month. It is important to click on the calendar, because if we type the month directly and press ENTER, the result will not appear.

month in google photos

If you search for words like “Monday”, it will return photos related to that word, including documents that have the word Monday written on them, so it is not a good way to filter photos by date.

Another filter that also works is to use “after” or “before”, in English, since in Spanish it has not worked for me.

What does work, for example, is to search for photos of something on a specific day, such as “dog 1-4-2015”, to find a photo of a dog on April 1, 2015.

These filters become more sophisticated over time, and although they already accept date formats from the United States and other countries, they still do not work very well with words in Spanish (it did not return anything with «dog 1-4-2015» but yes with «dog 1-4-2015», although the same photo does appear when searching for «dogs»).

The artificial intelligence system allows excellent object recognition, and when mixed with the filter by dates (still not very intuitive), it will guarantee that it is impossible to lose anything for many photos that we have uploaded.

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