How to send money through Bizum from WhatsApp or Telegram

Sending money to family and / or friends through messaging applications is something that little by little is reaching more people, thanks to the functions integrated in them, although now BBVA is going one step further by bringing the possibility of that users can send money via Bizum to their acquaintances from WhatsApp or Telegram, or in practice, from any messaging application, without leaving the chat conversation itself.

Bizum, also known as the Spanish «Paypal» of banks, recently reached 15 million users in Spain, being already so popular to the point that many users no longer say «I will make you a transfer», but rather “I’ll make you a Bizum”, also altering our everyday language.

Bizum makes it compatible for recipients of different banking entities

In this sense, the BBVA has just added the BBVA Cashup function to its mobile application for Android and iOS, which users must activate previously by entering the section of Bizum that you will find in the drop-down menu of the same.

What’s more, the app itself is already inviting users to activate this function as soon as they open the application, trying to reach the maximum number of possible BBVA customers.

With BBVA Cashup active, users now only have to select the virtual keyboard that offers this function from the keyboard settings available for each system, after which you can set the amount of money to send and the phone number of the selected contact, and may be one of those that is on the BBVA agenda, or on the mobile phone agenda, or indicated manually, provided that that contact also has Bizum activated through their bank.

The idea, in essence, is that users can send money to their contacts without leaving the messaging application they use. Once all the steps have been carried out, it only remains to wait for the arrival of the confirmation SMS message.

Regarding the availability of Bizum, the current list of banks that offer it can be consulted from this link, although the list will grow over time, also including some neobanks (N26 is currently in talks) and fintechs.

With this launch, at least in Spain, No more waiting for different messaging platforms to launch or expand their peer-to-peer payment capabilities in future updates, as planned.

What remains to be seen is whether other banking firms will launch similar initiatives, although this launch increases the added value that the BBVA app, the most valued in banking worldwide, offers its users.

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