Nginx positioned itself as the most used technology in servers, surpassing Apache

Times change, technologies advance and user preferences too. In this case, in the server realm, Apache was the leading alternative for a long time, until recently.

Currently, the relay has been taken by Nginx, presenting a sustained growth while Apache, for its part, maintains a usage index with a clear downward trend.

Historic setback for Apache, Nginx takes the lead

W3Techs, a portal dedicated to conducting surveys on the technologies used on the web, has in recent years monitored the volume of servers that each technology monopolizes on the web. According to one review recent postThey note that “for the first time since we began our surveys in 2009, Apache has lost the top spot as the most popular web server for Nginx.”

To recap, according to the records of the aforementioned portal, Nginx had a 3.7% market share in 2009, while Apache had more than 73%, seconded by Microsoft-IIS with 20%.

Unlike that time, 12 years ago, today the market for web servers is much broader and full of alternatives. Without going too far, from W3Techs they claim to observe 98 different technologies.

Based on the latest polls, Nginx leads with just over a third of the market, occupying 33.8%. Apache still has important figures, but its tendency is to decline. Before Nginx came in first place a year ago, the difference between the two was only 6.6%.

Being a technology released under a BSD license, which implies terms similar to those in the public domain, other systems derived from Nginx have appeared on the scene. An example of this is Cloudflare Server, which is currently in third place in the aforementioned measurement. Two other spin-off technologies, Tengine and ArvanNginx, can also be found in the top 15 registered preferences.

Adding to Nginx the presence of its derivatives, together they account for a not inconsiderable 52.4% of the market.

In its home country, Russia, this web server alternative accounts for about 80%, while in other countries such as China, Iran, Greece, Finland, Norway and New Zealand, it also dominates a position of majority preference.

Different is the case of Western Europe, Africa, India, Japan and the whole of America, where Apache continues to lead, but under the threatening shadow of the server that has already taken away other markets.

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