Satirical content in the Google search engine could start to be marked as such

News is often published in a mocking tone, with satire, showing headlines that can be confusing if the context is not entered into the detail of the news.

It is a very delicate subject to deal with, since on the one hand news aggregators, such as Google News, cannot eliminate them from the feed, since satire is a perfectly valid language resource, which exists long before the Internet, and on the other hand side will confuse those who only read headlines and not content.

To try to solve the problem, it seems that Google has decided to make two decisions:

– On the one hand, it will not show satirical content on Google Discover, as it can be see in the latest update from your platform.

– On the other hand, he is working on a small text within Google News that will indicate whether or not a content is satirical, just as are seeing some users in your browser. This is an experiment that only a few are appreciating, and apparently only in the United States. To do so, the media that usually write this type of content will be registered, but surely they will also let the artificial intelligence systems make the decision as to whether or not a headline is satirical, something that is not at all simple and That will depend a lot on the language used.

It will surely take a long time to see it in our language, since Spanish is much more diverse and flexible than English, which requires a more complex system of automatic analysis. Even so, the contents of well-known magazines, such as El Jueves and company, could be marked, which would help avoid confusion.

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